A dog's holiday

A Dog’s Holiday…

We want you and your dog to enjoy your holiday together here at Le Jardin du Berger. Holidays are special and, lt’s face it, why should your dog miss out on the fun and relaxation?! At the same time, we strive to offer high quality accommodation and want to offer all our guests – those who love dogs and those who don’t necessarily feel the same! – a comfortable holiday experience.

For this reason, we have compiled separate Terms and Conditions for people who wish to bring a dog/dogs with them. Before booking – or enquiring – please read through this list (below) and only if you agree to the Terms and Conditions here (as well as our General Terms and Conditions) should you proceed with your booking. We are dog owners, we are responsible guests when we travel so please don’t be offended by this list – it does not mean that we think you don’t know how to look after a property! We just want to be clear about our expectations…


  1. maximum of TWO well-behaved dogs are allowed in Le Pommier, and ONE well-behaved dog in La Maison d'été.
  2. There is no charge for a dog/s. However, we will request an extra Damage Deposit of £50 per cottage. 
  3. Dogs must not be allowed on the sofa, armchairs or beds, nor are they allowed upstairs. On no account should you allow them to use one of our throws or blankets. The next guest might be allergic to dogs and with the best will in the world, cleaning does not thoroughly remove dog hair from soft furnishing – we hope you understand the need to comply with this.
  4. Le Jardin du Berger is mainly unfenced – we have beautiful views over the countryside and do not want to spoil these views with fencing. So, please keep your dog on a lead at all times unless you can be certain that he/she will stay with you in your private (unfenced) garden/terrace. However, we have a woodland a few metres along our driveway. You are welcome to allow your dog to wander and play there, although be careful because it is not fenced and leads onto open fields.
  5. Please use a relevant flea and tick treatment in good time for your arrival. He/she must be healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations.

Under no circumstances do we accept dogs classified in France as “Dangerous Dogs” in both Categories 1 and 2. Neither do we accept Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Category (1) They are dogs whose appearance is of American Staffordshire terrier (pit-bulls), Mastiff (boerbulls) and Tosa types (i.e. without pedigree).

Category (2) They are dogs of American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, and Tosa breeds (i.e. with pedigree), and dogs of a Rottweiler type (without pedigree).



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The Frisby family stayed in Le Pommier for a week in August 2016, we wish we had booked a longer stay! When we visited the sunflowers in the next field were in full bloom and an abiding memory is tha ...

Maggi Frisby
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